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  • Non-op and minerals management 

  • Contract operating and management services 

  • Interim operating and management services for distressed situations 

  • Operating partner to institutional clients considering new acquisitions and/or “drill co” operations 

  • Reduce G&A expense through consolidation 

  • Various E&P advisory, consulting, due diligence & “operational audit” services 

  • Outsourcing, back office, and corporate financials 

  • Lease acquisition services and/or drilling/completion services for early stage, “start up” development projects


  • Mineral and Royalty Funds

  • "Non-Op" Funds

  • E&P Companies

  • Commercial Banks and Credit Funds

  • Hedge Funds

  • Private Equity

  • "Drill Co" Funds

  • Family Offices

  • International Firms

  • Restructuring Firms

  • Direct Working Interest Owners

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